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3 Things to do Before your Morning Workout

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Morning workouts are fun! Well, not really, but you got to admit, after a nice long sweat-fest in the morning, you feel better throughout the day; you might feel a little tired at first, but as the day progresses,you begin to feel good – that’s the best thing about morning workouts! Well, here are 3 things that you can do before your workout that can make you feel even better…

1. Drink plenty of water the previous night! There are a ton of benefits when you drink water right before you go to bed; it cleanses out your system, boosts your metabolism and helps you wake up early in the morning. Plus, the extra water at night keeps you well hydrated, and gets you ready for a nice workout in the morning!

2. Have a light snack before you go for a workout; a protein bar, a couple of biscuits or some dates can keep up your energy levels from sinking down during workouts! A pre-workout snack can also help you push yourself to achieve greater heights and, give your body the necessary fuel to build lean muscles.

3. Wear comfortable, read summer-appropriate, workout clothes! Pack off your winter clothes and grab yourselves some airy and breathable summer athletic wear! Light, breezy, cotton clothes have good moisture-wicking properties that will keep you dry and comfortable during the hot weather!

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