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Trend to Watch: Hunter Boots

When all we can think about is how to stay warm and cozy during snowy days, we can’t help but find one of the trendiest items to do away with winter, the Hunter boots! Loved by Kate Moss, Sarah Jessica Parker and also endorsed by the royal family, Hunter boots are the perfect resort to [...]

Alexa Chung’s Denim Day Out!

Pretty, talented and extremely fashionable, 31-year old Alexa Chung is a lot more than just a fresh face off the ramp. The star has an incredible style of sense which is probably why her styles are often copied in the fashion world, next to Kim K, of course! Even if she’s wearing a Trench coat [...]

Lilly Collins Rocks her Elizabeth and James Sunglasses!

When it comes to celebrity accessories, sunglasses enjoy an iconic status – a position that’s unrivaled by any other accessory. It’s the ultimate go-to piece that every celebrity loves to flaunt in the streets. And, for the Mortal Instruments star Lilly Collins, it’s a coveted pair of Elizabeth and James Talbert Polarized sunglasses with a leopard [...]

Party Picks from Hollywood’s Top ‘IT’ Girls!

Celebrities always have a way with style. They can pretty much pull off any fashion stunt on the red carpet and get away with it. In fact, some might even think of these trends as a revolution in fashion. Whether you like them or hate them, you can’t hide from the fact that these stars [...]

Experience the Joy of Shopping at Piperlime!

Whether you’re a shopping addict or not, one thing’s for sure; this holiday season it’s all about having fun and joy in the best way possible. And, one of the best ways to have fun is look for bargain buys and sale offers that will get you the best stuff at incredibly reasonable prices! So, [...]

Vinyl-legged Vixens Strike Again!

Vinyl pants or leather pants are not just a piece of clothing, not anymore!  They have almost become an occult trend and it goes without saying that if you’re in this generation, then you simply must try it out. Leather pants are pretty amped up and make a stunning style statement no matter how you [...]

Celebs Love the Rails Plaid!

It’s only a few items that enjoy a certain fan-base with the celeb clan. Like the Rails plaid shirt for example. It seems like the entire female population of Hollywood has gone crazy over the Rails plaid button-down shirt. Stars like Megan Fox, Jessica Alba, Sarah Hyland, Kourtney Kardashian, Beyonce, Gisele Bundchen, Lilly Collins, Kendall [...]

Killer Heels: Art or Fashion?

A nice pair of heels: is it just a fashion statement or is it an art form? To answer that question we take you to the Brooklyn Museum of art, NYC, where there’s an art exhibition titled: Killer Heels! This show has everything you would expect in a run-of-the-mill art show. It has artifacts aka [...]

The Bride Does a Cameo in Black and White!

It seems like the fashion world has found yet another hot favorite to obsess about. We’re talking about none other than the new bride Mrs. Clooney aka Ms. Amal Alamuddin! The pretty lady who just married the Ocean’s Eleven star, last weekend in Italy (where they first met), has been turning heads everywhere with her [...]

Glittery Jitters with Piperlime’s 25% Discount!

All the world’s a stage, so be a star by going ultra-glamorous with glittery sequins that are trending this fall. Take center stage in sparkly new attires with the season’s best accessory: the sexy sequined pumps! Walk your way through crowds in all the glitterati with Piperlime’s wide range of sequined heels and pumps now [...]