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Nikki Reed Stuns in Yet Another Parker Dress!

Twilight star Nikki Reed is stunner no matter what! She has quite the eye for detail and is known for her ‘city-girl’ sense of style. She loves chic dresses to the point of being cliché. Nevertheless, we simply love her styles, ‘cos most of them are from Piperlime! When seen at the Wayke Up fundraiser [...]

Five Reasons Why You Should Shop at Piperlime, Now!

This is exciting! Piperlime has just revamped and renewed its site for fall! Yay! And, in an effort to celebrate the birth of new Piperlime, the site has been spending a lot of social moments in the past few weeks with a number of celebrity editors and a host of special events. Read on to [...]

Hippest Trend You Can’t Afford to Miss!

Some trends come and go, but the owl trend is all you see these days. From bags and jewelry to outfits and fashion accessories, the owl trend has been one of the most sought-after ones lately. The human community has always been associated with animal trends at different point of time. Back in the 90s, [...]

Emulate Jordin’s Studded Style with Piperlime!

The 41st American Music Awards in LA held on November 24, was one glitzy event! The extravagant gala which saw the likes of Justin Timberlake and Taylor Swift being honored, also witnessed a number of extraordinary performances by renowned stars in the music industry. That was not all! The famed award function also saw some [...]

Red Pants for Men – Yay or Nay?

Red pants are everywhere, from Justin Beiber on the stage to Robert Pattison off-screen. One simple rule to carry off these pants is, only wear one red thing at a time! And style them with darker shades of blue or plain white. Don’t try and match colors, instead complement them. Too many bright shades with [...]

Style It Up Like Olivia Palermo!

When it comes to styling up, there’s no arguing the fact that nobody does it better than Olivia Palermo. This socialite cum model turned actress has an ‘It’ factor that only a rare few possess. There are very few fashionistas who wouldn’t want to deck up like her. She combines dresses, shoes and accessories that [...]

Seasonal Steal – Shop Super Stylish Sneakers for the Little Ones with Piperlime’s 30% discount!

Climatic changes are inevitable and so are the changing trends in fashion. With every coming season, fashion demands a unique transformation, which leads to a newer trend. But what has stayed constant throughout every season is the staple use of converses and sneakers that provide both warmth during chilling conditions and also add to the [...]

Channel the Archetypical Steve Jobs Look with Piperlime’s 25% Off!

It’s not an easy task to emulate the most influential person on earth, especially if it is someone like Steve Jobs! Known best as an American entrepreneur and inventor, the pioneer of the technologically advanced personal computers is our focus this season, and to pay homage to this charismatic philanthropist, here is an overview of [...]

Trending In-Store: Jessica Alba’s Hot Picks!

Considered as one of the hottest women in showbiz, Jessica Alba not only has the perfect bod but is also dubbed as one of the most fashion-savvy actresses in Tinseltown. Providing styling guidelines from amidst a wide range of high-end designs, checkout a few of the modish accouterments at Piperlime which the fashion icon herself [...]

Fall 2013 Style Check: Sporty Chic

Put aside the boho, rock and preppy chic styles, there’s a new style on high that’s gaining huge popularity on the trend radar – the “sporty chic” look. A mix of girly with a little grunge with flirty skirts and hoodies, a-line dresses and sneakers, it’s the perfect juxtaposition of the two sides.  Sporty chic [...]