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Alexa Chung’s Denim Day Out!

Pretty, talented and extremely fashionable, 31-year old Alexa Chung is a lot more than just a fresh face off the ramp. The star has an incredible style of sense which is probably why her styles are often copied in the fashion world, next to Kim K, of course! Even if she’s wearing a Trench coat [...]

Experience the Joy of Shopping at Piperlime!

Whether you’re a shopping addict or not, one thing’s for sure; this holiday season it’s all about having fun and joy in the best way possible. And, one of the best ways to have fun is look for bargain buys and sale offers that will get you the best stuff at incredibly reasonable prices! So, [...]


Celebrities learnt this trick a long time ago: You can make or break your style when you add dimension to your look and accent it with fashionable accessories. You can wrap up your style with a nice scarf or go commando with a fantastic pair of booties, these are the accessories that make an ideal [...]

Vinyl-legged Vixens Strike Again!

Vinyl pants or leather pants are not just a piece of clothing, not anymore!  They have almost become an occult trend and it goes without saying that if you’re in this generation, then you simply must try it out. Leather pants are pretty amped up and make a stunning style statement no matter how you [...]

Celebs Love the Rails Plaid!

It’s only a few items that enjoy a certain fan-base with the celeb clan. Like the Rails plaid shirt for example. It seems like the entire female population of Hollywood has gone crazy over the Rails plaid button-down shirt. Stars like Megan Fox, Jessica Alba, Sarah Hyland, Kourtney Kardashian, Beyonce, Gisele Bundchen, Lilly Collins, Kendall [...]

Boot-up for the Winter!

If there’s one thing to love about the cold weather, it’s the fact that it gives you one of the most fashionable items to fixate on: winter boots. Yes, you may be suffering from a serious lack of vitamins without the sunshine and yes, it does get dark sooner than before; but, at the very [...]

5 Must-Have Shoes in Every Woman’s Closet for Spring 2014!

Like dresses and tees, there also some shoes which are must-haves for a woman’s closet. Season-less and having the ability to flawlessly match with most of the outfits in your wardrobe, these shoes will let you work a variety of looks by simply mixing and matching them! RACHEL ROY Toni Nude Pumps These pumps ideally [...]

The Piperlime Style Chronicles – 25% Off On Your Favorite Casual Bottom Wear!

Two things you shouldn’t fail to checkout – Quiksilver Board Shorts Board shorts are a brilliant marriage of casual style and utility with this featherweight, contemporary piece being a hit among men if they want to go for a bit of waterskiing or even for just lazing around by the pool. Well, it doesn’t get [...]

3 Must-Have Booties at Piperlime Now At a 25% Off!

Classy or egdy, thigh-high or knee-high, boots are a wardrobe essential for every women, of course when best to stock them up than when you have an awesome discount at Piperlime! Check out few of the must haves aaaand why.. cos you are gonna getta a brilliant 25% off on your purchase when you get [...]

Jackets – Biker Chic Leather or Classy Babe Woolen? Why Not Both?

Most women can relate to the dilemma when it comes to picking coats for the winter. Leather or woolen? When you think of that beautiful silk dress hanging in your closet just waiting to be paired up with a woolen coat, you also think about that super-sexy pair of jeans and you simply want to [...]