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Indulge in the Serene Touch of White with Piperlime’s 25% Discount!

With the word white, an ecstatic frosty feel of scenic beauty comes to mind. While in its purest form, it symbolizes peace and prosperity, and to brides it means a perfect beginning to marital bliss! And needless to say, this pallid shade never dies out in time! From the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, dressed [...]

Michael Kors: Just Can’t Get Enough!

Yes, we are talking about the famous designer Michael Kors. Michael’s mom was a former model and so, it’s not hard to understand his drive towards fashion and clothes right from his childhood days. During his teens, Michael started to design and sell clothes until he was recognized by the fashion director at Bergdorf. Thanks [...]

A Pinch of Quirk Quotient to Get Noticed!

Are you someone who is very conscious at doing things from getting dressed up prim and proper to fixing that slightest of fringe that falls off from the bun and still doesn’t get that attention that you’re actually supposed to be getting? Well, it could be because of the so-called, “perfection overdose”! So, what’s the [...]